UAE – April 2020

City Location Dates
UAE, Abu Dhabi TBA Postponed

UAE is known of its people’s ethnic diversity who are willing to study abroad in better conditions (education quality and lower costs) From bachelors and masters degree students who come to major in more available faculties since Turkey has given the opportunities for them by providing an international comfortable environment in universities.

We have seen the turnout of the amount of UAE residents last three years and in every semester it has been increasing.

We at Marifet Group strive to deliver the best consultation and to organize the best events and forums for the Turkish universities in the Arabic world especially that Marifet Group has a lot of collaboration agreements and protocols and on the top of them is the protocol of mutual collaboration with the Association of Arab Universities which is the strongest and biggest association in the area.

Our main concern is to deliver the best quality for affordable cost and scholarships to our student community which will be leading their communities and preserve the good relations with Turkey and spread the cultural experience through their circle of people.

And by that we aim to facilitate introducing Turkish universities to the Arab students.

All the locations and dates have been studied to suit the students of the area and the universities.

If you would like to participate in these events please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone or social media.

What we provide at our fairs:

  • The opportunity of meeting with representatives from Turkish universities face-to-face and get information directly.
  • Getting pre-acceptance letters with discounted prices, partial and full scholarships.
  • Get the right consultation about the universities departments.
  • Book services regarding coming to Turkey in order to be ready before arrival.
  • Get access to the exchange programs offered by Turkish universities like Erasmus and internship programs.
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