Turkey in brief

Turkey in brief

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Turkey is characterized by the diversity of its culture, successive civilizations, location that connects the continents of Europe and Asia which represents a meeting point between east and west, moderate climate and the wonderful nature locations stretching over the borders. In addition to that, Turkey has a huge number of historical places due to many civilizations that came upon, as the most important Ottoman civilization, whose relics can hardly be missed every area or street.
Turkey is also one of the most advanced countries in obtaining visa facilities; citizens of 67 nationalities can enter Turkey without a visa.
All these aspects made Turkey occupies an advanced position in the list of the most attractive countries for tourists.

The Turkish people are known with its various ethnicities and the many nationalities that form this society, where we find Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Tatars and other nationalities that have coexisted in Turkey for hundreds of years.
The Turkish people are proud of their Ottoman identity, as they consider the Ottoman heritage civilization is very important, so they are keen to present this heritage by photos or things in their shops and houses and by preserving the folklore as the traditional dances, which are performed in many celebrations and weddings.

As for the Turkish language, it is considered one of the easiest languages for the Arabs, because of the large number of words common between the two languages. As far for the foreigners, there is no difference between feminine and masculine in the Turkish language, making learning it easier for them.
Additionally, Turkish language is based on many frequently used patterns by the Turkish people, which help to learn the Turkish language faster.
The most important characteristic of The Turkish language is the respectability aspect as the Turkish are keen to talk to older person or to foreigners in a very respect way using plural even if addressing one person.

Turkey has become a tourism and trading center and a destination for visitors from all over the world, either for residence, treatment or study.
Turkey has more than 187 universities and some of its universities have advanced positions internationally. Turkey offers great facilities for students wishing to study within its universities, cheap live hood and low fees compared to other countries.

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