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Study in Turkey

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Turkey has become a destination for international students wishing to complete their university studies due to the qualitative leap in the recent years in all fields, especially the economic field; as it has become one of the 20 strongest economic in the world. Additionally, Turkey’s cultural and civilizational aspect has helped in making Turkey an important tourism destination. The Turkish society has a cultural diversity and a mix of cultures that represent the cultural structure of the Turkish society in addition to the nature of its population that is accustomed to the presence of foreign people in their country because of the large number of tourists arrived Turkey annually. Moreover, Turkey’s location in the middle of the world continents has made it a destination for tourists and students who want to experience new life and study in a country different from their country.

One of the most important features attracting foreign students to study in Turkey is the multiplicity of university departments and the large number of universities, where there are 195 public and private universities recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education which help students in finding a greater choice for students wishing to study in Turkey.

Moreover, the standard of living in Turkey is acceptable to students as there are many housing options in both public and private housing. In addition, basic living materials are cheap, such as bread, vegetables, clothing, transportation and other basic needs of students.

Turkey also offers a lot of facilities for students, the most important of which is the Turkish annual scholarship, which receives 5,000 students annually from different nationalities with a monthly salary, insured accommodation, daily meals and health insurance throughout the period of university studies of various specialization and higher levels.

Turkey offers special treatment to help students live cheaper and easier life, such as giving them a reduced transportation card, which allows them to travel within the city where they study at nominal prices, in addition to offering all daily meals at nominal prices, not more than half a dollar for the meal, in restaurants within the colleges.
Furthermore, there Charities and endowments that support foreign students and help them complete their university life.

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