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Guaranteed university Admission:

Being partner of the well-known universities, we assure our students getting university admission and registration at the best Turkish private universities with high discounts.

Special discounts

Special discounts:

In addition to our discounts reaching 75% in some private universities we guide our students to get additional special discounts, Such as 15% reduction for siblings wishing to enroll together in the same university.

Assistance in getting accommodation and residence

Assistance in getting accommodation and residence:

Guarantee a study residence permit inside Turkey and assisting students in finding suitable student housing.

law consultations

Managing the legal procedures and documents:

Assisting students in managing all their legal affairs, such as translation and authentication of the documents, getting health insurance and residence permit, opening a bank account and other services.


Free Consultation:

Free consultation to students regarding the academic departments they wish to enroll in and we help them to choose the best universities offering these departments.

Assistance in applying for International-exams

Assistance in applying for International exams:

We assist students in getting acceptance in the accredited Turkish and English language institutes and in the university admission related exams like YÖS –TOFEL –SAT tests.

Airport pickup

Airport pickup

A special staff to accompany the student from the airport to the hotel upon arrival.

Guaranteed University Admission

Guaranteeing acceptance in international schools:

We help student enroll in the best international schools with highest discounts.

Public universities

Public universities

Assisting students,who wish to start or continue their study in one of the public universities by finding appropriate universities, translating and authenticating their documents and assisting in all necessary procedures

Educational courses

Educational courses

We offer a range of courses such as the YÖS -TOFEL -SAT as well as English and Turkish language courses and others.

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