Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University

yeditepe üniversitesi

yeditepe üniversitesiName: Yeditepe University

Location:   Istanbul Asia

International Ranking:  1935

Local Ranking:  37


Language of Teaching:  English

Features: YÖS , SAT certificate is not required

Yeditepe University was founded in 1996 with typical standards to ensure that it reaches the rank of the best universities in Turkey and the world. English is the only language used in the university curricula because of the foreign educational curricula adopted by the best international universities.

The university has 13 colleges, foreign language schools and 1 vocational training school. There are many departments such as the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Communications, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business Science.

It is characterized by the variation in Medical departments in addition to having a private hospital to help students and graduates to train wider thus have more experience.

Teaching in Yeditepe University is supervised by a large and distinguished cadre includes professors and holders of higher degrees. The University building has many features and public facilities   that help the student to spend an enjoyable study time, such as its library in which students are allowed to study and borrow books in addition to the cafes and lots of gardens and green spaces.

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