Yaşar University

Yaşar University

Yaşar üniversitesi

Name: Yaşar University

Location: İzmir

International Ranking: 2479

Local Ranking: 59

Website: https://www.yasar.edu.tr

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Feature: YÖS  – SAT exam is not required for admission

Yaşar University   was founded in 2001 by Selçuk Yaşar and it is one of the middle –ranked universities among the Turkish universities.    It was able to occupy a good position among the Turkish universities in a short period due to its educational quality and modern methods of study.

The University is located in izmir. It is characterized by its modern architecture, with the latest teaching and equipment technology in its classrooms and a laboratories.   it offers the opportunity to study in both Turkish and English languages.

Yaşar University has been able to achieve an optimized level among the Turkish universities because of its modern curricula.  The university includes number of faculties and departments such as  Engineering, Architecture, Psychology, Translation  and Interpreting, Business Administration, Law and more other departments.

The University also has a membership in the Erasmus group of student exchanges between the EU countries. 

Also the university includes  number of Applied Centers such as Applied European Union Studies Center, White Sea Research Center,  Management and Economics Research Center and  Engineering Laboratory.

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