Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University

Name: Üsküdar University

Location: Istanbul / Asian side

International Ranking: 6389

Local Ranking: 106

Website: https://uskudar.edu.tr

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Feature: YÖS  – SAT exam is not required for admission

Registration requirements: High school certificate

Üsküdar University was founded in 2011. It is one of the universities that are ranked in the middle among the Turkish universities. It is also a university that progresses quickly thanks to the distinctive educational curricula it adopts and the strong teaching staff that the university is proud of and which consists of highly certified specialists.

The university is located in the historical overlooking the sea area of Üsküdar which is separated from the European part by the famous Bosphorus Strait. Navigation from and to the University is easy, thanks to the line “MetroBus”, which connects the two ends of the city.

The university is distinguished by its beautiful buildings and distinctive architectural style, in addition to its classrooms and halls that are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. The university has many faculties and departments such as Medicine, Chemistry-Biology Engneering, Computer Engineering, BioEngineering, Psychology, Nursing, Cinema and Television, Public Relations and other branches.

There are also departments for of Master and Doctorate study within the university, Moreover, the university is characterized by its affordable prices and the possibility of obtaining a grant with high discount for students.

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