TED University

TED University

TED Üniversitesi

TED ÜniversitesiName: TED University

Location: Ankara

International Ranking:  6685

Local Ranking:  118

Website: https://www.tedu.edu.tr/

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Registration requirements: High school certificate

TED University was founded in 2012 in Ankara by the Turkish Education Association, which is the backbone of the educational process within the modern Turkish Republic. The University is well positioned in the middle rank among the Turkish universities thanks to the high quality of teaching and the deep vision of the administrative staff who aspires to deliver the University to the advanced positions in Turkey and the world.

The university’s special teaching staff, its classrooms and halls that have the latest equipment and the number of research centers, all these make the University a distinctive one. There are also a lot of services inside the university such as the sports center, the health center and the large library which contains a large number of books.

In addition, the University has a housing for students equipped with the latest equipment to help students to rest, live and study at the same time since it contains a restaurant to provide meals for students in addition to the halls for entertainment, study and all what the students need.

TED University has many disciplines and departments for the undergraduate and Master’s degrees such as Architecture, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial, etc., as well as the departments of Business Administration, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and others.

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