Medipol University

Medipol University

Üniversitesi Medipol

Üniversitesi MedipolName: Medipol University

Location: Istanbul/ European side

International Ranking:  5354

Local Ranking:  94


Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

 Medipol University was founded in 2009 and within a short period it was able to be ranked among the middle of the Turkish universities. It now occupies 94th place in Turkey. This progress is due to the scientific revolution that the university has created by adopting the latest technology and transferring it to its students

The University’s buildings are located in four areas of Istanbul, especially in the European section. They are all built with modern style and have large facilities such as bookstores, entertainment venues, cafes, etc. All the buildings contain modern classrooms and are equipped with all that the student needs for a useful educational process.

The University’s team is highly experienced, qualified by its high certificates. Additionally, the University has a significant administrative cadre and a high level of organizing as well. The Medipol University also deals with the most famous universal universities in regard the curricula of teaching. The University is distinguished as well by the scholarships it offers to students allowing them to have about 50% discount annually.

Medipol University has several faculties and departments covering various disciplines such as the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences, and Business Administration.

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