Koç University

Koç University

Koç Üniversitesi

Koç ÜniversitesiName: Koç University

Location: Istanbul Asia

International Ranking:  944

Local Ranking:  11

Website: https://www.ku.edu.tr/

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Registration requirements: High school certificate

Koç University was founded in 1993 and it is one of the first-graded universities in Turkey and the world being ranked as 11th in Turkey and classified among the top 1,000 universities in the world. The university has been able to occupy this prestigious position due to its great research and the well-equipped research centers which contribute in creating the innovation in students. The University as well as is one of the universities which had an impact on the development of the educational movement in Turkey.

The University was ranked 25th in the world according to the British Time Foundation as it has many research contributions, which also helped it to be among the top 30 universities in Asia.

Additionally, the University has an educational high scientific qualified staff with high certificates from the best international universities. The University also is characterized by its old and historical buildings in the Romeli Fanari area of Istanbul. The University is located on 25 hectares include many big libraries, conference rooms, cafés and green spaces that help students to relax and many other public facilities.

The university has 7 Faculties and 4  Graduate Schools with many departments, such as Medicine, Computer Engineering, English language, psychology, Archeology, Mathematics, Physics, Nursing, International Relations, History, Economics and other departments.

Koç University is distinguished by providing annual grants to graduate students from many Arab countries. The scholarship does not require any university fees during the study period, and some master’s students can obtain a partial amount if they are of higher grades.

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