İstanbul Şehir University

İstanbul Şehir University

İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi

İstanbul-Şehir-ÜniversitesiName: İstanbul Şehir University

Location: Istanbul , Asian side

International Ranking:  5733

Local Ranking:  97


Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Registration requirements: High school certificate

İstanbul Şehir University is a newly established university in 2008. It is considered one of the middle-ranked universities in Turkey. During short period, the University was able to prove itself in many sides. It became a strong university in Turkey and was able to obtain recognition from the universities of the European Union and a number of countries such as Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and others.

The University relies on the international curricula applied in the strongest and larges International and European universities, in addition to using the latest modern educational equipment and strategies, using the latest means and modern forms of technology to develop the process of education and to achieve a distinctive teaching environment.

The University has real partnerships with EU universities as it is a partner of the Erasmus Student Exchange Agreement with EU universities, allowing its students to obtain a scholarship to study at a European university. The University also has partnerships with considerable universities in China and the United States.

The University has a teaching cadre with high scientific qualification and scientific certificates from the best universities in the world. The University’s classes and halls are the best in Turkey thanks to the educational techniques and logistic equipment used by the university in developing the educational process.

İstanbul Şehir University building contains a lot of public facilities for students such as health centers, sports center, cafes and a huge library to borrow books and study as well as to many other facilities.

The student can choose one of the university’s departments, such as Electrical and Electronic, Civil, Industrial and Architecture Engineering, as well as Cinema, Television, Public Relations and advertising, International Relations and Political Sciences, History, Law, English, Turkish literature and many others.

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