İstanbul Okan University

İstanbul Okan University

İstanbul Okan Üniversitesi

İstanbul-Okan-ÜniversitesiName: İstanbul Okan University

Location: Istanbul, Asian side

International Ranking: 3102

Local Ranking:  75


Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Registration requirements: High school certificate

İstanbul Okan University was founded in 1999 and it is one of the middle –ranked universities among the Turkish universities. Internationally, it is one of recognized universities by the European Union universities in addition to being partner of the Erasmus Student Exchange Agreement with European universities.

The University has about 63 Bachelor’s degree programs, as well as a number of teaching programs of Master and Doctorate degree. It is a strong university in the teaching of Medicine and other medical departments.

The university has a distinguished cadre of professors, specialists and certificate holders. It is one of the most attractive private universities with 12 thousand students. Its magnificent and modern buildings, in addition to its halls and classrooms that are equipped with state of the art equipment and technology, make the University very distinguishable. The University buildings also include green spaces, a large library, recreation areas, cafes and all that the student needs for a successful educational process.

İt also has students dormitories for males and females equipped with all that the student needs for living, integrating the atmosphere of the home and the study environment that each student needs including recreation places and halls  quiet and typical rooms.

Within the University, there are many available departments, the most important of which are Medicine, Dentistry and Engineering with its various specialties as Civil, Industrial, Electrical and Electronic, as well as departments of Economics and International Relations  In addition to the possibility of studying New Media, Psychology, Sociology and many others.

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