İstanbul Kent University

İstanbul Kent University


İstanbul-Kent-ÜniversitesiName: İstanbul Kent University

Location: Istanbul Europe

International Ranking:  18088

Local Ranking:  178


Language of Teaching: Turkish

Registration requirements: High school certificate

İstanbul Kent University is one of the newest universities in Turkey. It was founded in 2016 and was able to occupy a  distinguished position  among the new Turkish universities in a short period thanks to the educational value it offers to its students through the distinctive curricula adopted in many advanced European universities.

The university is supervised by a number of specialists, professors and high certificate holders. The university is characterized by the efficiency of its logistic equipment inside it. It contains modern classrooms and halls equipped with the latest educational technology and all what the student needs for a successful educational process.

The university is located in the historical district of Taksim, in the center of Istanbul, which helps students enjoy the beauty and historical sites of Istanbul. The vital transport network links the university with all parts of Istanbul, which facilitate easy reaching to the University.

İstanbul Kent University has a large and unique university campus that includes many educational components such as libraries, entertainment halls, coffee shops, etc. The University also contains many educational departments such as Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences in its many departments, as well as the Departments of Political Science, Psychology, Business Administration, International Relations and others.

The student can study at one of the university’s vocational schools where he can graduate within two years. There are two vocational schools, Vocational School of Health Sciences in all its departments, such as first aid and emergency, medical development techniques, Psychological Rearing of children, Anesthesia, Physiotherapy etc, and Vocational School of Justice. In addition to one Graduate School.

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