İstanbul Aydın University

İstanbul Aydın University

İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi

Name: İstanbul Aydın University 

Location: Istanbul / European Side 

International Ranking: 2264 

Local Ranking: 51 

Web site: 

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English 

Feature: YÖS  – SAT not required for admission 

Enroll requirement: High School certificate 

İstanbul Aydın University was founded in 2003 and  is one of Turkey’s most famous and attractive universities for international students due to its high quality of education and its excellent ranking; being the 51th among Turkish universities, and its location in the Western side of Istanbul city on the sea side of Florya, which is one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul.

İstanbul Aydın University is distinguished by its huge space, a large campus and new modern beautiful buildings. The university is composed of 12 colleges and a number of institutes in addition to Turkish and English language learning centers.

In İstanbul Aydın University there are many educational options because of the diversity of departments within the university, such as   Engineering with its multiple choices, Medicine, Psychology, Economics, Business Administration, and many faculties of Letters.

The university’s staff consists of a large number of highly qualified professors. The university also teaches the latest international curricula due to its educational partnerships with a number of European and American universities. In addition, the university is approved by the European Union, which enables it to join the Erasmus agreement for student exchanges with EU universities.

İstanbul Aydın University has a large library containing thousands of books in addition to dozens of classrooms within its colleges Its classrooms and educational centers are characterized by the latest technology and devices that help to enrich the educational movement within the university.

The University is distinguished by its foreign branches, most notably in Iraq and by its partnership agreements with many Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and others

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