Işık University

Işık University

Işık Üniversitesi

Name: Işık University

Location: Istanbul / European and Asian side

International Ranking: 3375

Local Ranking: 79

Web site: http://www.isikun.edu.tr/en

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Feature: YÖS  – SAT tests not required for admission

Enroll requirement: High School certificate

Işık university was founded in the year 1996 by Faiz Educational Association. Since then, the university administration has struggled to have foot step among the large universities in Turkey and succeeded to be ranked in the 79th position among the  Turkish universities.

The good classification of Işık University is due to the educational staff with the highest academic degrees from the world’s most famous universities, the excellence of teaching curricula which is adopted in the international universities and the wide choice of departments to    study, such Engineering,  Fine Arts, Economics and Administrative Sciences  and others.

Another feature of Işık university is its location in the Asian and European parts of Istanbul, mainly in the Şile region of the Black Sea in the Asian part, and there is another branch in Maslak area in the European part. The university and its faculties are distinguished by their beautiful urban style and the integrated classrooms equipped with the latest technologies, in addition to the scientific research centers and laboratories.

The University has many public facilities that are not available in other universities. It has huge conference halls and theaters for official celebrations, especially graduation parties, in addition to large libraries for study and reading, football and basketball yards and others.

Işık university is one of the most important Turkish universities because it has obtained confessions from the European Union. In the coming years, the University aspires to continue its same approach in developing its techniques and methods of teaching and to keep ascending in improving its educational movement.

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