Haliç University

Haliç University

Haliç Üniversitesi

Name: Haliç  University

Location: Istanbul / European side

International Ranking:   6399

Local Ranking:   107

Web site: http://halic.edu.tr/tr

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Feature: YÖS  – SAT tests not required for admission

Enroll requirement: High School certificate

Haliç  university was Founded in 1998 under the supervision of a group of academics and higher degree holders. From the first day, excellence, success and attracting Turkish and foreign students from all over the world were its aim is providing a high quality teaching.

Over just 20 years, the university has been able to settle in the middle of the ranking among the Turkish universities due to the high demand from foreign students and the mechanism of its selection for outstanding students to enter its classes as it is now ranked in the 107 in Turkey.

Haliç University is distinguished by its large teaching staff, which has the highest academic qualifications, in addition to have the most up to date developed equipment in its classes and the latest technology in its workshops and laboratories. 

The university is a preferred choice for students because of the distribution of its buildings in the three most important areas of Istanbul: Sütlüce, Levent and Şişhane in the middle of the city and near the most important centers and means of transport, which facilitates the movement to and from the university.

Moreover, the University with its new modern architecture is equipped with libraries and housing with the state of the art facilities to help students enjoy a good educational and living atmosphere.

Within the university there are dozens of departments such as Engineering, Medicine, Science departments and others. In addition to research centers which are equipped with the latest technologies.

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