Final International University

Final International University

Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Uluslararası Final ÜniversitesiName: Uluslararası Final University

Location: Turkish Cyprus

International Ranking:

Local Ranking:


Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Features: YÖS , SAT certificate is not required

Uluslararası Final University is located in the Turkish section of the State of Cyprus. It is one of the new universities as it was established in 2015 under the supervision of administrative staff. Over the past three years, the University has managed to occupy a good position among the Cypriot universities and attracted many students over the world.

The University relies on modern and accredited educational curricula in the best European universities, in addition to using advanced teaching techniques within its perfectly equipped classrooms, halls and buildings. The teaching staff is supervised by a team of teachers, specialists, high-certified and qualified in all departments.

Uluslararası Final University is characterized by its modern style  buildings and being close to all means of transportation. The University as well has a number of faculties and departments such as the Faculty of Engineering in all its departments, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The university has a number of public facilities such as a large library where students can study and read books, as well as green spaces, areas for relaxation in addition to a number of cafes and entertainment centers.

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