Biruni University

Biruni University

Biruni universitesiName: Biruni University

Location:  Istanbul Europe

International Ranking:  8444

Local Ranking:  151


Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Feature: YÖS  – SAT exam is not required for admission

Biruni  University is newly established in 2015. The University is  one of the most modern medical universities in Turkey. it  is distinguished by the existing specialties that are supervised by the best doctors and professors with the presence of modern technologies, equipped hospitals and  medical clinics within the university buildings.

Its main building is located in the historical center of Topkapi. its buildings contains hospital to help students conduct practical experiments and gain experience. The university’s location is also close to tranportation.  

The University also has joined the Erasmus agreement of students exchange, giving its students the opportunity to study in Europe and to welcome European students to study at Biruni University.

 The University offers a wide range of grants and discounts to its students annually, and dozens of classes are taught in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering and natural sciences, such as Biomedical engineering and Molecular Biology and Genetics, as well as many other departments.

The university has been teaching international curricula, and thanks to the quality it offers and the large number of students it has attracted, it has gained recognition from the most important universities of the European Union and other international universities. The University has also acceded to the Erasmus Student Exchange Agreement with EU universities.

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