Beykoz University

Beykoz University

Beykoz Üniversitesi

Name: Beykoz University

Location: Asian Istanbul

International Ranking: 11407

Local Ranking: 172

Web site:

Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Feature: YÖS  – SAT tests not required for admission

Enroll requirement: High School certificate

Beykoz University was established in 2016 is one of the modern and distinguished universities.  Despite its newly establishment the university the university was able to occupy   a good position among the new Turkish universities     in a short period of time   and it was able to attract a large number of Turkish and foreign students.

The university is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, which is famous for its beautiful and tranquil nature, which provides a suitable learning environment for students. The university allows students to study in either Turkish or English language according to their desires.

Beykoz University includes a large number of departments and educational branches, such as Management Engineering, Architecture,  Aviation Management, Graphic Design, Aerospace, Psychology, Political Sciences and other disciplines.

The University, as well, has an integrated teaching staff with the highest academic qualifications. It is also distinguished by its modern buildings which adequate to the educational environment, the latest educational technology, equipments and laboratories.

Beykoz University is characterized by the strategic plans it has developed for continuous improvement of its special ways and methods of teaching aspiring to reach the first 50 universities in Turkey over the coming years.

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