Beykent University

Beykent University


BEYKENT ÜNİVERSİTESİ logoName: Beykent University

Location: Istanbul , European side

International Ranking: 3668

Local Ranking: 87


Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Features: YÖS , SAT certificate is not required

Registration requirements: High school certificate

Beykent University was established in 1997 under the supervision of a number of experts in the field of education. The University was able during this period to occupy a distinguished position among the middle –ranked universities of Turkey, thanks to its modern educational methods and modern teaching methods offered to students.

The University offers its curricula in Turkish and English languages which makes it a preferred choice for foreign students. The teaching process is supervised by a number of academics and professors with high educational qualifications.

It is located in the city of Istanbul. It is featured by its modern buildings and classrooms in addition to its laboratories and the educational hall which are equipped with the latest technologies adopted by the best universities in the world.

The buildings are distributed over more than one area in Istanbul, all of which are close to transportation and include green spaces, entertainment venues, reading halls, coffee shop and many other services.

It is characterized by its involvement in many international educational conventions, most notably the Erasmus Convention, which allows the students of Beykent University to be granted to study at the best universities of the European Union through a grant to them.

Beykent University has a number of faculties and departments such as the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Communications, the Faculty of Architecture, the Faculty of Medicine, and many vocational schools.

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