Altınbaş University

Altınbaş University

Altinbas University

Name: Altınbaş University

Location: Istanbul / European side

International Ranking:   7086

Local Ranking: 129


Language of Teaching: Turkish and English

Feature: Annual scholarship. YÖS  – SAT not required for admission

Enroll requirement: High School certificate

Altınbaş University was founded in 2008 and it is classified as one of the most modern and advanced Turkish universities since within a short period of time Altınbaş University was able to become in the middle rank of the Turkish universities. The University is recognized by variety of colleges and departments; 9 colleges mostly important are Medicine, Engineering and Pharmacy.   

 It has a highly qualified academic staff and it offers the opportunity to study in both Turkish and English languages in addition of offering up to 50% discount on the study fees.

The University is located in the European section of Istanbul. It is characterized by its modern architecture, with the latest teaching and equipment technology in its classrooms and laboratories.

Altınbaş University has been able to achieve an optimized level among the Turkish universities because of the adopted modern curricula and the constant development of these curricula. The university also has partnerships with EU universities because of its participation in the Erasmus Student Exchange Agreement with EU countries.

The university has a strategic location being within the European part of Istanbul and near the most important transportation.

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