Exclusive discounts for the best majors

Best majors and the best enrolled in for Medipol University:

MajorLanguagePrices in Marifet
MedicineTurkish23000$   17665$
DentistryTurkish18500$   14236$
Computer EngineeringEnglish7379$   4250$
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish7379$   4250$
Civil EngineeringEnglish7379$   4250$
ArchitectureEnglish7379$   4250$
Industrial EngineeringEnglish7379$   4250$
Business EngineeringEnglish6075$   3500$
Political Science and RelationsEnglish6075$   3500$
Physical TherapyTurkish6510$   3750$
Medical institute:  
Physical TherapyTurkish3250$   1872$
ProsthodonticTurkish3250$   1872$
BiomedicalTurkish3250$   1872$

Information about Medipol University:


The University is known by its huge chain of hospitals and its leading research centers ranking as one of the best in Turkey and worldwide.

The Remer Laboratory is equipped with the best and latest technology designed to help its students with their researches and to get the best results and that makes them pioneers in the medical field.

Medipol University is distinguished by its leading engineering programs as well.

The faculty of Electrical and electronic engineering has worked on (5g) and (6g) Data Mobile network, especially Prof. Huseyin Arslan who is one of the most famous professors coming from the United States.

Also, Medipol University has an excellent teaching Staff team at the Faculty of the management, and supervised by the leading professors in this field.

  • When GPA is above 2.70, the student is eligible for double major for free.
  • If you’d like to apply to Biomedical engineering, please contact us now –WhatsApp button-
  • When the student has to retake the courses, that year is free of fees.

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