Choices of Study in Turkey

Choices of Study in Turkey

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Many students from all over the world want to study outside their own countries, to have a new experience, learn about different cultures and languages. Recently Turkey has become a destination for students from all over the world because of its distinctive geographical location, nature, various educational options, and stability. There are many ways to register in Turkish universities, through scholarship, public or private universities.
Here, in this report, we will explain each option:

First: Public Universities:

All foreign students can register in the Turkish public universities. These universities require little fee for foreign students. Some of them, the English language is the language of teaching so no need to learn Turkish. However, these universities differ in terms of admission. Some requires a YÖS or SAT certificate in addition to the secondary certificate, but some universities accept registration without these certificates. Some universities offer a preparatory year; to teach the Turkish language to their students while others allow a period of time to their students to pass the Turkish language test or bring the language certificate from other Universities.

Second: Private Universities:

Private universities differ in regard of required documents for registration. Some of which require a YÖS or SAT certificate. The annual fees for private Turkish universities vary according to the university and to the department. Prices range from 2,000 $ to 25,000 $ for Bachelor’s degree, and between 2500 $ and 7000 $ for the Master’s degree. The private universities are characterized by providing the same qualifications and certificates, the student obtains in the public universities with no difference between them.

Third: The Turkish Scholarship:

An annual program offered by the Turkish Ministry of Education, which provides an integrated financial grant to foreign students, and cover the accommodation and all legal documents until graduation. The scholarship also includes teaching students the Turkish language, and it begins the financial salary from the first day of admission. Student of high studies can apply for this scholarship.

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