Best tuition fees and curriculums of medicine and dentistry in English exclusively

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The most applied for Universities in Turkey

  • A large and experienced teaching staff
  • Having multiple campuses outside of Turkey
  • It offers many Faculties and departments
  • Presence of postgraduate programs
  • Having Multiple Scientific Research Centers

The most applied majors

Computer Engineering – Medicine – Aviation

  • Best Professors and Doctors teach in Biruni University
  • It has hospitals equipped with the latest technologies and advanced devices
  • The university relies on teaching international curriculum.
  • Existence of research and experiment centers for students

The most applied Majors:

Medicine – Dentistry – Genetics and Molecular Biology

  • Teaching an advanced educational curriculum.
  • Has a big number of international students
  • It’s distinguished by its tuition and fees.
  • It offers many Faculties and departments in English language.

The most applied majors

Medicine – Software Engineering – Bio-Engineering

  • One of the most powerful universities in Turkey
  • Outstanding teaching staff
  • Its special Location in Istanbul
  • The quality of education keeps pace with the latest methods and teaching skills
  • Offers different departments and academic majors

The most applied Majors

Business Administration – Psychology – Architecture

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