Exclusive discounts for the best majors

Best majors and the best enrolled in for Aydin University

Major Language Prices in Marifet
Software Engineering English 6000$   5000$
Computer Engineering English 6000$   5000$
Civil Engineering English 6000$   5000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering English 6000$   5000$
Mechanical Engineering English 6000$   5000$
Industrial Engineering English 6000$   5000$
Business Administration English 6000$   5000$
Aviation Management English 6000$   5000$
Arabic Literature Turkish 6000$   2500$
English Literature English 6000$   5000$
Translation Turkish – English 6000$   4000$
Business Administration Turkish – English 4450$   3360$
Arabic Literature Turkish 4450$   3360$
Artificial Intelligence Turkish 4450$   3360$

Information about Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University is the most popular university for the international students.

Its special location at the center of Istanbul and its research centers give the university’s students a big advantage.

The business faculty and the faculty of engineering teaching language is the English language.

Istanbul Aydin University has a very distinguished teaching staff, as the one of the best Turkish foundation Universities in the medical field, as well as the one of the best equipped hospitals and research centers.

Aydin University is well-known for its Master’s and PhD programs taught in English language.

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